• Franky

    Status quos are made to be broken.

    Franky (Chinhao Hu) is a tech geek, software architect, entrepreneur, traveler and photographer. He is the founder and CEO of Zoaks, a mobile app design and development firm.

    He graduated from National Taiwan Normal University with both Master's Degree and Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering Lab, Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering. He was a team member and lecturer of the Programming Club during his school days, where he was in charge of training contestants for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

    Before getting into startup, he spent a year as the research assistant for physics education in Academia Sinica. He spends his free time travelling, motorcycling, and going for long drives. He live in Taipei, Taiwan, also travel around United States and European Union.


    His professional expertise: software engineering, software visualization, tech startups, project management, mobile marketing.

  • His Career

    Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.


    He attended Apple WWDC from 2009 to 2019. The photo was taken with Craig Federighi at WWDC 2014 Bash.

    NTNU Lecturer

    Lecture about the strategy of mobile app marketing.

    NTNU Seminar

    NTNU Celebrity Career Seminar: The path of entrepreneurial, career planning and preparation for undergraduate students.

    NCU Seminar

    NCU CSIE Seminar: Software engineering and project management for startup team.

    Press Conference

    The press conference reveal cooperation between Zoaks and Accupass.

    Demo China

    He presented his works at Demo China in Hangzhou, China.

    Startup Investor Talk

    He gave a talk about mobile app concept to investors in Beijing, China.

    Interview with Journalist

    Interview about Zoaks with journalist of Unique Broadcasting.

  • Publications

    Let Your Light Shine.

    Thesis: Design and Implementation a Gesture Recognition Library for Multi-Touched Devices 

    This thesis presents a design and implementation of gesture recognition library via multi-touched device. We adopt gesture recognition algorithms for uni-stroke and multi-strokes touch events and then apply SVM(Support vector machine) as back-end to classify the input, Our system also allow user to define their own gestures and train the gestures to extend the gestures of interest. Finally, this work is validated by applying the control to xDIVA (eXtreme Debugging Information Visualization Assistant).

    Design and Implementation of Gesture Recognition Library via Multi-Touched Device


    Lead author

    2011 Taiwan Conference on Software Engineering

    Visualisation Debugging on the Electronic Design Automation Tool

    Lead author

    2010 Taiwan Conference on Software Engineering

    Physics Education Experiment on 8051 ADC USB device: Swing

    Second author

    2008, 9(2), 85-90, Chinese Physics Education

  • Where to find him

    mail: me @ franky.cc